Integration with Delegate Cash & Warm

Blockchain technology has been rapidly evolving, and it is important to develop tools that simplify the onboarding process for new users while also catering to the needs of advanced users. In our previous post about our integration with Crossmint, we emphasized our dedication to creating blockchain tools that facilitate the adoption of the technology. However, we also recognize that experienced users require tools to keep their assets secure. As such, we are excited to announce that we have integrated Delegate Cash & Warm into our API.

Delegate Cash & Warm allow users to link their cold wallets with hot wallets. The hot wallet then acts as a crypto power-of-attorney on behalf of the cold wallet, enabling users to interact with dApps, token-gated experiences, contracts, and other utilities while minimizing security risks. The delegate wallet can claim airdrops or other utilities on behalf of the cold wallet, but it cannot touch anything within the vault. By assigning granular permissions, users can delegate a wallet for everything, a specific contract, or a specific token, thus mitigating the risks of interacting with airdrops and other similar offers.
The importance of such tools for existing users cannot be overstated. As Foobar from Delegate Cash points out, for the average crypto user, it's like playing metaverse Russian roulette to interact with airdrop promises, never knowing if the "Claim" button will result in free money or the loss of prized NFTs. Delegate Cash & Warm make it easier and safer for users to interact with hot/mobile wallets, ensuring that they can access the utility they need without risking their security.

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To delegate a wallet, users need only assign a hot wallet delegate for their cold wallet vault using Delegate Cash or Warm. When visiting a website, they can connect the newly assigned hot wallet, and the delegate can claim airdrops or other utilities on behalf of the vault. Our  API now supports Delegate Cash & Warm, and our first use case involves RTFKT's global community events page, which has been powered by our API. With our integration, CloneX holders, and other users can connect to the site through their delegated wallets with greater confidence and security.
For those who enjoy visuals, the below imagery is a clear representation as to why this product is so important to safety (shoutout to Delegate for the imagery)
Comparison of user flows. Because the user only has to delegate their coldwallet once on a trusted site, they can then reuse that delegation an unlimited number of times for hotwallet interactions.
As one of our initial use cases, the team at RTFKT has integrated our API into their global community events page, thereby incorporating the functionality of Delegate Cash & Warm into their platform.
Moving forward, CloneX holders (and now your holders) can feel even more safe connecting to the site through their delegated wallets!
Screen Shot 2023-01-30 at 12.44.11 PM


In conclusion, the integration of Delegate Cash & Warm into our API represents a significant step forward in ensuring the security of existing blockchain users. The granular permissions, simplified tools, and enhanced security will undoubtedly make it easier for users to interact with the technology, which will be essential for broader adoption.

If you have any questions about the integration, please reach out to us, and we will be happy to answer them. 

To access the documentation for our integration, please visit