Partnership with Lacoste

As the Lacoste NFT team expands into community activations, they have partnered with our team at ethpass on a recently launched community events website. This innovative website allows Lacoste to control access to their events to ensure that only holders of their NFT have the ability to attend. 

Using the ethpass API, once a holder verifies ownership of their NFT, they can place it inside their Apple or Google wallet to be used as their ticket.





In the summer of 2022, Lacoste officially launched its first NFT project titled “UNDW3.” The collection, pronounced “underwater,” plays to the brand’s crocodile motif as it brings the heritage label to Web3.


According to an article in Hypebeast, Chief Brand Officer Catherine Spindler stated, “In a world more and more connected, we think the next big step is to add you [the holder’s] to our core team. By owning a part of the Lacoste experience, you will join the Lacoste family and will have your word to say on our future.” Lacoste promises that owners of the NFTs will have access to exclusive physical products and a say in the upcoming designs.

ethpass x Lacoste

Lacoste was looking for a seamless website & solution that would solve the following:

  • - Verify their NFT holder’s Discord accounts
  • - Confirm ownership of Lacoste NFTs
  • - Once their ownership had been verified, holders would generate a custom branded pass that would live inside of Apple & Google Wallets, and act as a “ticket” to grant them access to the event
  • - The ability to scan these passes at the event to reconfirm NFT ownership at the time of the activation


End Result

Lacoste's token-gated NFT website is a great example of how blockchain technology can be used to create unique and exclusive experiences for fans and collectors. By controlling it allows them to connect with their most dedicated fans and reward them with unique and one-of-a-kind experiences.


The event & collaboration with ethpass was a massive success. One community member, who leads Web3 at a prominent publishing company said it best - “For Web3 to take off, we need tools that are comfortable for the average person. Verifying my ownership & adding my pass to Apple Wallet [through ethpass] was as seamless as adding an airline ticket to my wallet. If this is the future, count me in.”