Partnership with RTKFT

We’re proud to announce that we have partnered with RTFKT, a Nike company, and the leading digital fashion and collectible brand, on a global token-gated events site. This partnership allows RTFKT to leverage the latest NFT verification technology to provide its customers with a more secure and seamless ticketing experience. 


RTFTK's Community Portal

RTFKT is always looking to push the boundaries with innovative solutions - it’s no different when hosting community-led events held across the globe. These events are typically restricted to owners of certain NFTs within the RTFKT ecosystem, and RTFKT was looking for a solution that would allow them to seamlessly gate each event to holders of specific NFTs.

To accomplish this, they needed a partner that would be able to verify ownership of these select NFTs through a process that is convenient, safe, and easy to use.

Enter ethpass.

Partnering with ethpass

While numerous companies in the ecosystem support token-gated experiences, RTFKT ultimately picked ethpass to help power the event's website & the verification process. The core reasons play exactly into our strengths as a company.

  • No 3rd Party App
    • Every Apple & Android smartphone has a built-in Wallet (yep, that same one you put your credit cards or Airline tickets), so no 3rd party apps are needed to download

      • This is the case for both RTFKT when creating events or verifying attendees and their customers when verifying NFT ownership and scanning at activations 




  • Branded Experience
    • One of RTFKTs core functions as a brand is its impressive design language. ​​As a leading brand in our industry, they understand the importance of having a constant brand presence across all of their customer touchpoints
    • Once a holder verifies their NFT ownership, the pass that they generate within their Apple/Google wallet is custom RTFKT branded.


  • Seamless User Experience
    • After signing a message to verify ownership of a wallet, all a user has to do is click “Add to Apple or Google Wallet,” which then adds their NFT to their phone’s wallet
    • At this point, no hot or cold wallet needs to be carried with the attendee to the activation 


How Does it Work?

After entering the event details and creating a custom branded pass for each event, RTFKT can enter any contract address to token gate the event with. 

As an example, during a recent event held at the RIMOWA store in Miami, only holders of the RTFKT x RIMOWA NFT were able to attend RSVP and attend the event.

For the holders of the NFTs, the process is just as seamless. After selecting an event to attend, a holder connects their wallet, signs a message to verify that they are the owner of the private keys, and then “Adds to Apple or Google Wallet.” Once they add their NFT to their Apple/Google Wallet, the QR code on the pass is scanned at the event to ensure the holder is still in the ownership of the NFT.  The process couldn’t be any easier, and we’ve built the API like this by design.

Our philosophy at ethpass is to develop next-generation tools that can be easily understood by and used by millions of people across the globe. Offering a solution to verify NFT ownership through a process that is already adopted by the masses will help usher in the next wave of blockchain adopters.