Partnership with BlockBar

ethpass is excited to partner with BlockBar, a premium wine & spirits platform that uses the blockchain to authenticate all of the bottles sold on its platform.


BlockBar sells premium wine & spirits in direct partnership with leading brands, originating as digital assets. Consumers can redeem the physical bottle in exchange for the digital asset at any point, or continue to easily collect, trade, or sell the digital version.





BlockBar users can navigate to their vault, choose their bottle of choice, and download an Apple or Google Wallet pass associated with that token. 


All bottles are stored in BlockBar’s secure and bonded storage facility in Singapore up until the point of redemption, ensuring authenticity and eliminating any risk of counterfeit.





With ethpass, BlockBar digital asset holders can display their corresponding premium wine or spirit within their Apple or Google wallet.


Our platform provides an easy and convenient way for brands to issue digital passes, specifically designed to be used with Apple and Google Wallet tied to an NFT or crypto wallet. This enables a wide range of use cases, including tickets, reservations, offers, and more.


Live today, BlockBar holders can utilize their corresponding Apple and Google wallet passes for entry into exclusive events, tastings, and in-person experiences.