Integration with Crossmint

At ethpass, our goal is to unlock real-world experiences & utility using NFTs. We do this by creating a safe & secure way to verify ownership of NFTs and linking them to Apple & Google Wallets. Once these NFTs are linked to Apple or Google wallets, they are used to prove ownership for a wide range of use cases, including ticketing, loyalty programs, membership access, and more.

One of our core values is making it seamless for the average internet user to interact with blockchain technology because NFTs can revolutionize how we engage with digital assets. To date, many of the products developed across the ecosystem have been catered to those who are highly tech-savvy, leaving the vast majority of the internet population to feel alienated from using the tech.


Case in point - getting set up with crypto wallets, such as Metamask, to access dApps, can take up to 15 steps (let's not even talk about what happens if someone loses their seed phrase 🤯). 


However, what we're now seeing in the ecosystem are innovative companies developing products that obfuscate the tech to allow for more mainstream adoption. In the case of creating wallets, this 15-step onboarding scenario is being replaced with a user simply needing to input their email address. Once inputting their email address, a wallet to store NFTs is immediately created.


One of the top teams we've seen in the industry building this technology is Crossmint.  Similar to our team, their mission is to make NFTs accessible to everyone, and they accomplish this through a wide range of products - from credit card payments, minting NFTs, airdrops to emails, and most importantly for this use case, creating custodial wallets. 


Through our integration, brands, platforms & communities can now allow anyone with NFTs stored in their Crossmint wallet to generate an Apple or Google Wallet pass. It works for the end consumer as seamlessly as you would expect!


1. When a user goes to a website that is using ethpass to generate Apple or Google Passes, they sign in with their Crossmint wallet


Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 1.55.55 PM


2. After a user verifies their email address, they select an NFT inside of their wallet, then sign a message to verify ownership of that wallet

3. At that point, the user will have the option to create an Apple or Google Wallet pass that is tied to the selected NFT

4. Once the NFT is inside of the wallet, a user now has the ability to prove ownership for a wide range of use cases, including ticketing, loyalty programs, membership access, and more


Screen Shot 2023-01-20 at 11.07.19 AM









We're incredibly excited about this new integration. Giving builders working with Crossmint the ability to allow their holders to generate Apple & Google Passes [that represent ownership of NFTs] unlocks a world of possibilities!


Please request early access if your team is integrated with Crossmint and wants to learn more.